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Please Donate Plastic Bread Tags


Rossmoor Lions Club asks Rossmoor residents to save their plastic bread tags. Bread tags are generally one inch plastic square fasteners used to close plastic bread bags. They come in different sizes and colors. Often they show a bread ‘Best Used by’ date. Similar tags are used to close carrot and potato bags, which the program also accepts and recycles.


The Rossmoor Lions Club has joined other Bay Area Lions Clubs on a long-term project to recycle bread tags in order to purchase wheelchairs for disabled children. The greater regional Lions organization has teamed up with Danielle Cares for Chairs, a non-profit 501(c)(3) that since 2017, has managed a bread tag recycling program in order to obtain cash for purchasing and distributing wheelchairs for low-income children.


You can place your collected bread tags in a Rossmoor Lions Club collection bin found:

●     In the Rossmoor Gateway Clubhouse lobby on the floor by the CCC Library lockers. 

●     Between the Wood Shop and the Lapidary Studio under the pay phone. 


By contributing bread tags to our collection you are helping a low-income child receive a wheelchair and keeping plastics out of the landfill.


Thank you

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