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Donate Eyeglasses

Please Donate Your Used and Broken Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Rossmoor Lions Club supports the Lions In Sight foundation (LIS) in Vallejo, California. The goal of LIS, a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation, is to do vision screenings, conduct cataract surgeries, and provide eyeglasses to low-income clients in the United States and across the world. LIS provides eyeglasses to all age groups and distributes approximately 200,000 glasses annually. It is important to remember that something as simple as providing eyeglasses to someone could help them learn to read, advance their studies, obtain gainful employment, learn a trade, drive safely, provide for a family, and maintain independence. For those in need, having eyeglasses can be life-altering.


You can place your used glasses and sunglasses in a Rossmoor Lions Club collection bin found:

●     In the Rossmoor Gateway Clubhouse lobby on the floor by the CCC Library lockers. 

●     Between the Wood Shop and the Lapidary Studio under the pay phone. 

Rossmoor Lions Club collects around 6000 eyeglasses for LIS every year.


Your used eyeglass donation will benefit someone with vision loss.

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